Merchandise and services displayed/sold should not present a hazard to the public. Items such as sparklers, fireworks, firearms, canned string, fart sprays, drug paraphernalia, etc. will not be permitted. Knives may be permitted with Goat Day Committee approval.


  1. The Goat Day Committee reserves the right to limit the number of vendors selling any type of merchandise and to exclude any display or merchandise for any


  1. You will receive verification that your application has been accepted by text and/or e-mail, therefore, it is important to include your cellphone number and email address on your application.


  1. Booths accepted for participation must fit within the space purchased. This includes tie downs, trailer tongues, pop-up windows, etc. Encroachment on adjacent spaces is not


  1. Only items which have been listed on the application and approved by the Goat Day Committee will be allowed for sale or display at your booth. Food items are allowed for sale only in designated


  1. Subletting a booth or any part of a booth to any other person or organization not listed on the application is strictly prohibited and could result in


  1. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting appropriate sales tax to the State of Florida. Non-profit organizations must include their tax exemption number issued by the State of Florida on their


  1. If electricity is required, it must be noted on the application and fee paid. Vendors must furnish a 75' heavy duty, all-weather extension cord and must be sure the circuits are not overloaded. Trucks, campers, or vans are not permitted to plug into the electricity during festival operating hours.


  1. Vendors are permitted to sell within their booth space and are not allowed to sell merchandise outside their assigned area (i.e., walking through the crowd unless approved beforehand by the committee).


  1. No advertisements or signs for vendors are permitted outside the designated booth Use of sound amplification devises and audio equipment (bullhorns, P.A. systems) is strictly prohibited within the booth areas.


  1. Some booths may have no parking allowed behind them. If you must park behind your booth, please note this on your application and we will make every effort to accommodate


  1. The deadline for setting up booths is 7:00 AM on Saturday (the day of the show). Hours of operation are 8:00 am till 4:00 pm on Saturday. If you are not setup by 7:00 am Saturday morning your space and money will be


  1. No pets or firearms are allowed.


  1. The Blountstown Rotary Club recommends that vendors carry an adequate amount of liability insurance. In the event the Blountstown Rotary Club is unable to hold Goat Day by reason of war, insurrection, or act of God or nature, then no refund shall be made, and it is agreed that all contracts are null and void, and there shall be no responsibility for liability on the part of the Blountstown Rotary Club, for losses sustained by any person caused by such


  1. The Blountstown Rotary Club reserves the right to prohibit or close any vendor's booth not in compliance with the rules and criteria set forth in this application.
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